VTCT Beauty Therapy L3 & L4

VTCT Beauty Therapy L3 & L4


Course code(s): Beauty Therapy VTCT L3 & L4
Category: Hair & Beauty VTCT Course
Part-time / Full-time: Part Time

Kit: (Not included) Material will be provided
Model : Required (check while booking)

  • Previous Level 2 qualification in Beauty Therapy is required.


  • Are you a qualified Beauty Therapist who would like to increase their -income by offering advanced treatments?
  • Are you currently working as a Beauty Therapist, but don’t have the time to commit to an VTCT Level 3 & 4 course at college?
  • Are you interested in working abroad as a beauty therapist whilst you travel the world on a cruise ship?
  • Would you like to offer laser treatments to clients in the future?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘YES’ then training in Beauty Therapy VTCT Level 3  & 4 with Fami Hair & Beauty Institute is the ideal solution for you.

What will I learn?

You will complete your Beauty Therapy Level 3 training in just 10 days on the specialist, intensive short courses that we are renowned for.

The treatments you will learn include:

  • Electrolysis Treatments – 4 day course (optional )
  • Facial Electrical Treatments – 1 day course (mandatory)
  • Body Massage Treatments – 2 day course (mandatory)
  • Body Electrical Treatments – 1 day course (mandatory)
  • Hot Stone Massage Treatments – 1 day course (optional )
  • Indian Head Massage – 1 day course (optional )
  • Covering core of knowledge for IPL hair removal, on dark & medium pigment skin, covering all areas of the body.
  • Homecare, contra indications, lifestyle patterns, and future treatment advice.

Once you have completed your training, you will then complete your VTCT study at home, in your own time. The greatest benefit of this structure is its flexibility. With no need to commit to a college timetable or schedule, you can complete your case studies when you have the time to do them. The more time you can dedicate to working through them, the faster you will achieve your VTCT.

How many case studies do I need to complete?

  • Electrolysis Treatments – a minimum of 4 treatments to each body area
  • Facial Electrical Treatments – a minimum of 25 treatments
  • Body Massage Treatments – a minimum of 16 treatments covering a minimum of 2 full body massages
  • Body Electrical Treatments – a minimum of 20 treatments
  • Hot Stone Massage Treatments – a minimum of 16 treatments

How long is it?
An intensive part time Laser and IPL course training that is flexible and Convenient for you to fit in between your tight schedule if you are working or studying. Support from our helpful and dedicated staff is available on request for you to excel at your skills.

Can I earn money from these treatments whilst I complete my VTCT Study?
Yes! Once you have passed your 10 day training, you will have the FHBI Diploma Accredited by Beauty Guild with 10% off Voucher, which enables you to gain Public Liability Insurance. This means that you can earn money from the clients you complete your case studies on. Before you have even achieved your VTCT qualification, you will be increasing your income!

What do I need to enrol on this course?
You must have previous Beauty Therapy VTCT Level 2 training and you must wear a uniform to your course

Duration: 20 weeks

Qualification Requirements: As on a fast track training programme student is required to complete home study assignments and it is essential to work on clients in a realistic salon environment. While you are on VTCT training with us we do offer volunteer work experience for students to gain professional competency.

Installment Plan

Unlike other institutes we offer completely interest free instalment plan, there is only one payable fee which can be spread into monthly instalments. Minimum 25% deposit required to hold your place.

However, full payment must be received before completion of the course.

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