Qualifi Level 3 Diploma in Wellbeing and Holistic Therapies

Qualifi Level 3 Diploma in Wellbeing and Holistic Therapies


Course code(s): Qualifi Level 3 Diploma in Wellbeing and Holistic Therapies
Category: Qualifi Hair & Beauty Courses
Part-time / Full-time: Part Time

Kit: (Not included) Material will be provided
Model : Required (check while booking)

Prerequisites: None



To achieve this qualification a learner must successfully complete ten units, all eight mandatory units, and at least two units from the optional section:


  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Implement health, safety, and hygiene
  • Client consultation and profiling
  • Holistic head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Thermal therapy massage
  • Wellbeing and holistic therapy
  • Dry spa and wellness experiences
  • Massage using advanced techniques


  • Body Massage
  • Facial electrotherapy
  • Wet spa and bathing experiences
  • Body wrap treatments
  • Thai massage
  • Facial skincare treatments
  • Advise on products and services
  • Promotional activities
Learning Outcomes
  1. Anatomy, physiology and pathology – learners will gain knowledge of the; structure and function of the body systems and their interdependence on each other, the relative and absolute contraindications and related pathologies.
  2. Implement health, safety, and hygiene – learners will be able to implement their advanced knowledge and understanding of health, safety, and hygiene practices through research of legislation, policies, and procedures. The learner will analyse and review policies and procedures for refinement when
    implementing health, safety and hygiene for the salon, self, and clients for services/treatments.
  3. Client consultation and profiling – underpins all the practical technical units within the qualification.
    Learners will be able to conduct a concise consultation to develop and create client lifestyle profiles from which wellbeing experiences and holistic therapy treatment plans can be produced and tailored to meet the individual needs of clients, to achieve the desired wellbeing and holistic outcome/s.
  4. Holistic head, neck and shoulder massage – based on the principles of traditional Indian Head Massage, learners will gain the skills and knowledge to provide holistic scalp, face, neck, décolleté and upper shoulder massage treatments adapted to client’s needs.
  5. Thermal therapy massage – learners will gain the skills and knowledge to provide body massage treatments using thermal therapy equipment including handheld tools or preparations that emit temperature and require heating or cooling prior to treatment.
  6. Wellbeing and holistic therapy – learners will gain the skills and knowledge to provide individualised wellbeing and holistic therapy treatments blending essential oils to create the therapeutic experiences and treatments.
  7. Dry spa and wellness experiences – learners will be able to provide and monitor the use of dry spa services and facilities, which may include dry floatation, heated bed, sauna, light and infrared.
  8. Massage using advanced techniques – learners will gain the skills and knowledge to use alternative massage techniques, which may include manual acupressure or lymphatic drainage massage and the use of non-thermal handheld tools.
  9. Body massage – learners will develop the knowledge and skills to perform fundamental Swedish style body massage. They will learn the benefits and effects of massage, the massage techniques including effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, frictions and vibrations and the importance of adapting the massage rhythm, speed and pressure to suit client’s comfort, satisfaction and for the desired outcome.
  10. Facial electrotherapy – learners will be able to provide facial electrical therapy treatments using the following technologies, Galvanic, Micro current, Microdermabrasion, low intensity LED light (below 500mW), Skin warming devices, Radiofrequency/High-frequency (3KHz – 300GHz), Lymphatic drainage equipment and Ultrasonic to improve and maintain skin condition.
  11. Wet spa and bathing experiences – learners will be able to provide and monitor the use of wet spa facilities, which may include showers, mineral showers, steam room, thalassotherapy pool, hydrotherapy, floatation therapy, plunge pool, hot tubs, bathing experiences and ice bar/snow cabin.
  12. Body wrap treatments – learners will be able to use a variety of products including creams/oils/milk/algae/clay/salts/enzymes and equipment including electric blanket/para-thermic foil/fabric/plastic to provide therapeutic body wrap treatments.
  13. Thai massage – learners will gain knowledge and understanding of the traditional eastern principles, historical and cultural background and the skills to perform Thai massage, which combine elements of yoga, acupressure and shiatsu to improve client’s wellbeing, body balance and harmony.
  14. Facial skincare treatments – learners will be able to improve and maintain the health and appearance of the client’s facial skin. They will understand how to use products, equipment and techniques to personalise treatments to suit the client’s skin type, condition and treatment objectives.
  15. Advise on products and services – learners will gain the knowledge and skills on how to promote, advise and instruct on products and services, for client loyalty and satisfaction and to contribute to business success.
  16. Promotional activities – Learners will gain knowledge and skills about planning, implementing and evaluating promotional activities including presentations, exhibitions, digital technologies and social media platforms. The ability to competently present information and interact with the public whilst demonstrating skills is a particularly important aspect of this unit. Learners will need to ensure that their practices reflect up-to-date information, policies, procedures and best practice guidance

What do I need to bring with me to the course?
You don’t need to bring anything – we will provide all of your training equipment for you. You can buy the full range of products used on your course for each treatment from subscribed seller.

We ask that you wear a therapist tunic to your courses.

Duration: 20 weeks

Qualification Requirements: As on a fast track training programme student is required to complete home study assignments and it is essential to work on clients in a realistic salon environment. While you are on Qualifi training with us we do offer volunteer work experience for students to gain professional competency.

Installment Plan

Unlike other institutes we offer completely interest free instalment plan, there is only one payable fee which can be spread into monthly instalments. Minimum 25% deposit required to hold your place.

However, full payment must be received before completion of the course.

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