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Terms Of Use



Credit Card Purchase Terms

1. Online purchases on "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" or associated payment processing pages are processed by Paypal.

2. There is no cancellation once a course has been paid for due to course provisioning, scheduling and place limitations.

3. There is no refund where a customer only attends part of the course.

4. There is no refund after the customer commences the course.

5. There is no refund if the customer fails to attend any course.


• All of our online payments are handled by Paypal. With over 230 million accounts worldwide and growing, Paypal helps you securely, easily and quickly make payments. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

• When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" .

• Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction.


We accept payment online by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and through Paypal accounts and bank transfers. Customers can only attend courses upon receipt of payment in full. Part payments are subject to the same conditions as contemplated in cancellation clause 2 of these credit card purchase terms.

Complaints and Appeals

Should you as a student, staff member or employer have any complaint to make with the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" or would like to appeal any of the assessment procedures, outputs or any other matter with the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" please contact us detailing the issue as follows:

• Appeals: Please email at ( famibeauty@gmail.com) or phone 0208 5181 688

• Complaints: Please email complaints at ( famibeauty@gmail.com) or phone 0208 5181 688

Any complaint or appeals notification to the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Your claim will be investigated and responded to within 48 hours of such notification (on a business weekday). We shall engage with you and any other interested and affected parties until a mutually satisfactory resolution is achieved with all communications being responded to within 48 hours (on a business weekday).

Should it not be possible to come to a mutually agreeable resolution, an appropriate independent arbitration expert based in United Kingdom shall be engaged by the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" to assist in resolving any dispute. Should the arbitration process be deemed unsatisfactory by either party, either party reserves the right to take legal counsel governed and construed in accordance with UK law and the interested and affected parties hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the UK courts.


By purchasing or otherwise registering one’s personal information with the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" , the individual consents to the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" retaining the right to convey, provide or otherwise transmit said information to third parties, be they fully autonomous or related legal entities, particularly though not limited to, for the purposes of providing related services, applications or any other offering or services the "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" decides may be in the interest of or interesting to said person at the time of registration and or alternatively any future time. The client consents to said third parties contacting them for those previously described purposes or otherwise. The "FAMI HAIR AND BEAUTY" shall always respects and act upon a client’s instructions to not make some or all of its services available in so far as is possible both commercially and legally.

Contact Us if you have an enquiry or concern about our website terms of use.