Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage


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Learn the massage technique that uses heated Basalt Lava Stones to warm the clients’ muscles, allowing a much deeper working of the tissue than a conventional massage. Find out which stones are chosen to correspond to specific parts of the body and how to use cold marble stones to balance the body.

Hot & Cold stone is a speciality massage that uses smooth heated & Cold stones. Here at the Wellbeingmantra, we use hand picked Canadian Balsalt rock. It is a deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage, where the heat of the stones encourages tight muscles to relax. It consists of traditional Swedish massage strokes encorporated with the stones.

You will cover the preparation and consultation process of the treatment, as well as techniques, movements, contra-actions and aftercare. Learn a new contemporary form a massage which has now become very popular in the industry.

Hot Stone Massage Course Content

  • Contra-indications
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety

Related Anatomy & Physiology

  • Benefits of massage
  • Massage mediums
  • Classification of massage movements
  • Hot stone Massage sequence
  • Hot stoneMassage aftercare
  • Hot stone Massage sequence for chest, face and scalp
  • Practical assessment
Venue TImes 10.30 to 4.30pm Weekdays or 11.00-5pm Weekends

What will I receive when I complete the course?
Once you successfully complete the body massage training course you will receive a Diploma. This will enable you to obtain public liability insurance.

Our Beauty Courses are recognised & accredited with the following Professional Bodies:

The GPHT (The Guild of Professional Holistic Therapists) also offer insurance cover.

Duration: One Day

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